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Dear Artsy Friends,

I know it's been awhile since I have posted here. It has been a tumultuous time between medical appointments, trying to figure out how to manage the chronic illness issues and taking care of a new 2 year old rescue dog. I have not given up on my art though, just changed some of my priorities. When I can find the time and energy, I have been making and trading mixed media Artist Trading cards in Facebook groups and making larger abstract drawings for myself. I find it to be very therapeutic. One such drawing entitled, "Fragile Body, Strong Spirit" was recently entered into a contest for artists with rare medical conditions. Voting is done through clicking a button on the submission through the contest's Facebook page. My piece is in the "Adult 18+" category under my name "Sabrina Zanetta Arana". There are 87 days left of voting. Mine currently stands at 114 votes, while the piece with the top votes is at 1613 (I got a later start than some of the top pieces). 
So, even though I am somewhat of an underdog in the contest right now, it would really mean a lot to see the support in votes for my art, whether or not I win. If you would like to help, please click on the link below and click on the blue voting button to place a vote on my art piece. Voting can be done every ten days if you'd like to vote more than once. If you have any trouble with the link, or finding my piece, please  let me know. If you voted, please tell me so in the comments of this journal so I can thank you personally. =)…

Art on!
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My Art Therapy

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 4, 2013, 12:44 PM
Hi All,

I haven't been on here much due to life stuff getting in the way, but I will stop in when I can. For those of you that stopped by my Etsy shops, you probably noticed that I am no longer selling there. I do hope to find a place to sell me arts and crafts at some point down the road and will let you all know when I do. 

I am dealing with chronic illness, mostly undiagnosed, that has been going on for almost a year, which makes it difficult to commit to much. However, art has been my sanity. I joined a couple artist trading card groups on Facebook and have traded tons of mixed media and hand drawn cards. It is a wonderful experience. I made a lot of friends and have even received cards from other countries. There are fun events like swaps and themed challenge games. 

It is very easy to get depressed and give up hope when you are battling chronic illness, especially when it is primarily "invisible", "undiagnosed" or "misdiagnosed" and doctors don't have the answers. I feel like as long as I have the ability to make art is some form, I can still have hope. 

One of these days, I will get around to sharing some of the many Artist Trading cards I have made over the past few months. If anyone wants to know more about artist trading cards and how to join a group, comment on this post or send me a message.

much love,

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Birthday Sale and New Things to Come

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 22, 2013, 3:26 PM
Hey all,

I was so surprised by the warm birthday wishes when I signed in today. Thank you so much! Despite all my continuing health and financial issues, I did have an enjoyable birthday on Friday spending time with relatives and eating chocolate raspberry cupcakes (gluten and dairy free but so tasty!). 

In honor of my birthday, I am having a sale in my Etsy shop. Use code: SUMMERBDAYBASH at checkout for 30% off any item $5 and up from July 18-July 26. Act fast because the coupon expires Friday. =)

Here is the link to my shop:…. Now accepting Direct Checkout in addition to Paypal so you can use a card.

I stocked up on a few cool new craft supplies with some birthday money including rubber stamps, ink, a laminator and mini art canvases so I have listed a bunch of fun new craft items with more to come. I am currently working on altered art journals, ACEOs, bookmarks, magnets, etc. that I hope to submit on this site very soon.

Hoping you all are enjoying summer!

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Art, Health and Hardships

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 4:41 PM
Hi all,

Over the past several months I have been dealing with health and financial issues. Most days I have been feeling pretty low since I lost my job in February. I resolved not to lose my creativity though and have been continuing to make crafts for my Etsy shop. As a collage artist, paper is probably my favorite media to work with. When I am feeling like the world is crashing down on me, I put on some music, get out various papers and modpodge and let the creativity determine the direction and outcome of the project. Recently that creativity took me on the path of making greeting cards. I will be uploading many of the cards here when I can. Unfortunately, my recent health setback involves my eyes and it is getting increasingly difficult to read or look at screens of any kind right now. I have an appointment with an Optometrist on the 29th, but feel pretty limited until then.

In the past couple months I have really taken to stamping and it allows for some craft projects that don't take as long as my traditional art for when I am feeling unwell.

I can't complain though. My sister is in Boston where they are on lockdown. She is safe and uninjured. So, whatever problems I am experiencing with healt and lack of money are nothing compared to what the people of Boston are experiencing and my heart goes out to everyone who is there. Stay safe!

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Time Flies!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 7, 2012, 11:47 PM
Wow, I can't believe it is almost 2013. The past few months have felt like a lifetime has passed between moving, job hunting and family stuff. For the past couple months, I have been working full-time and hubby finally got a job too!

I would really like to find the time to submit more of my art on DA. Most of my creative pursuits lately have been making crafts to sell in my new Etsy shop, EscapeFromReality.…, which is a combo of my former 2 shops, which are now closed.

Wishing everyone a happy healthy holiday season and a wonderful year ahead!

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New Home

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 5, 2012, 10:27 AM
Hi all,

Big thanks for the birthday wishes on my previous journal entry! It was spent driving to Sacramento and then up to Oregon....but I did get birthday cake along the way. ;)

So far, I am excited to report that our new pursuits are working out. I am working as a Preschool Teacher and hubby and I have a wonderful apartment with lots of room to put things. Not much furniture in it as of yet, since we only brought up the items that would fit in our Honda...but we're slowly acquiring what we need. It feels so nice to have a fresh start in a new place! Fingers crossed that hubby gets a job soon as well. ;)

Since I am keeping busy and most of my art and craft supplies are still in CA until later in the year, my art continues to be on hold and my Etsy shops are still on vacation for now. I hope to keep up with my art and crafts on the weekends when I have more free time available.

Wishing everyone well!


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The Oregon Adventure

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 5, 2012, 8:49 AM
Hello all,

My hubby and I are currently wrapping up a week-long stay in Oregon with relatives. Most of the week was spent driving, exploring the area, and attending job interviews. Tomorrow we head back to CA to wait for a response from the potential employers. If all goes well, we could move up to the Portland/Beaverton area by the end of this month.

Crossing my fingers that we will be settled soon as I am feeling a bit like a drifter, having gone straight from moving out of the apartment to traveling and crashing on couches, air mattresses and guest beds. My birthday is in about 2 weeks on the 19th and I'm not even sure where I will be!

for the time being, my Etsy shops are on vacation, so if you visit the links in the previous entry, it will take you only to my profile pages, and my shops won't show up. I hope to have them up and running again as soon as I get settled somewhere semi-permanently.

Best to all,


ps- in the meantime, I have been eating way too much good food at places we don't have in our area of CA (Red Robin, Murray Hill Cafe, Ruby Tuesday, Cheesecake Factory...)

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The Start of Something New

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 2, 2012, 12:25 PM
I hope to get back to my art and creative pursuits soon. They have unfortunately taken a back seat to "real life" situations.

My hubby is unemployed and hoping to get a job out of state and my workman's comp benefits are not enough to support us, especially since given time, they will run out.

We are hoping to be out of CA by the end of June and looking into Oregon, Washington or Massachusetts. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed, sell most of the furniture and keep packing, so we will be ready to go when the time comes.

I am currently still selling my creative projects on Etsy. My shops can be found here:



and I have a couple other shops in the works...more to come on those.

In addition, I started an Etsy group for Pop Culture fans, which you can find here:…

Before the packing frenzy began, I was working on a bunch of mixed media ACEOS and journals. I hope to submit that art on here once we are settled in somewhere.

Time for a change and I have never been good at accepting the uncertainty of wish me luck! ;)


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Sleepless in California

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2012, 5:23 AM
Isn't it the worst to not be able to sleep?

Here I am, still up, at 5am, because the ankle pain won't let me get comfortable. I am really anxious about the shot I have to get in my lower back on Tuesday since the last set of shots to ankle and heel were the most painful I have ever experienced. I can only hope that this shot will be more helpful than the others.

Since I don't know what my limitations are, it is making it difficult to find a new job, so for now, I am in limbo, trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and start over.

I'm still trying to figure out the layout of illustrations for my children's book concept, but it is slow-going since I have never attempted anything like it before.  All other artistic efforts have gone into my etsy shops here:……

In addition, I am trying to set up a new shop on Etsy that will hopefully house my artwork in ACEO format, as well as supplies for mixed media artists. It's currently a work in progress. Would love any tips about cost effective printing methods!

Finally, did you know that Etsy has a Deviantart team? If you're a member of Etsy, you should check it out!…

Well, that about wraps it up for now!

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So this is 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 3:14 AM
Why life sucks in 5:

1) Hubby lost his really good job after only a month
2) My grandfather has been having mini-strokes
3) My parents are probably going to lose their house to the greedy city after 30 years
4) My ankle won't stop hurting and I can't sleep at night, latest session of water therapy made it worse!
5) We're stuck in this tiny, over crowded expensive apartment because we can't afford to move

Why life is ok in 5:

1) Christmas money and hubby's final paycheck are keeping the bills paid temporarily
2) The creativity is flowing despite the setbacks
3) One of the Preschoolers I teach smiled and waved at me when she saw me at the pool, while I was there for Physical therapy
4) 2 people donated to the fund I started for my parents
5) Made some sales on Etsy

Seeing my parents about to lose their house is breaking my heart a little more each day, especially since they can't get anyone to help them! I have started a donation fund for those who would like to help by contributing any amount of money, no matter how small. More info about their plight and the fund can be found in my blog here:…

I have also opened a new Etsy shop called PopCultureCharm. All profits from the shop will go toward helping my family as well. Please check it out as I am adding new items daily.…

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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 12:15 PM
Happy New Year everyone!

Here is a summary of my life at present in 10:

1) Had a nice dinner and dessert at a local brewery last night with hubby and best friend to celebrate the closing of 2011
2) Still experiencing pain and disruption of routines due to the ankle injury from May (been out of work for another 3 weeks!), going to see a pain managment doctor tomorrow.
3) Parents are still in danger of losing their house of 30 years to greedy city officials
4) Re-kindled passion for creating mixed media art cards! (See gallery)
5) Hubby got a job! A great job! A job that he loves and is well suited for! I Feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
6) Saw Sherlock Holmes and Hugo over Christmas weekend. Both good movies!
7) Attempting to sell a ton of my collectible "vintage" items on Etsy alongside my latest art. Apply the following code at checkout for 20% off: DEVIANT20 in my Etsy shop.
8) Hoping that sometime this year hubby and I will be able to move into bigger better space!
9) Watching old ABC family holiday movies...some good...some, what were they thinking?
10) Still getting to bed after 1 and sleeping on the couch most nights due to ankle...can someone please tell it that enough is enough?

well, there it is...

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the holidays.


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Wishing Well

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 4:21 PM
Hey all,

I have been keeping busy! How about you?

I'm sure everyone is going crazy with holiday preparations and I hope that everyone is happy and healthy. It has been a really upsetting year for me, but I am hoping things will turn around.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale on Etsy

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 26, 2011, 10:25 PM
Hey all,

It's been awhile since I last updated on here! As usual, life has been crazy.

Just wanted to let everyone know about the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale I have going on at my Etsy shop: Charmeleongifts. Through Monday night, if you use the code: BLACKFRIDAYCHARM at checkout, you'll get 40% off. There are a ton of unique gift items and stocking stuffers. Check it out or tell a friend!…

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


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Past comes to Call

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 29, 2011, 11:07 PM
Hey all,

Latest updates...

Last week on the way to the latest doctor's office (about 40 minutes away from here), the back tire blew out on our car! My mother-in-law had to come by to take me to the appointment and then take Hubby and I to Costco to get a new tire. We had left our apartment at 1pm and did not return until 7pm!

The latest from the doctor appointment: After only a week and a half of part time, I have been taken off work again (for 3 weeks) to do more physical therapy and this time aquatic therapy as well. I am currently in limbo waiting for the doctors and insurance to get on the same page. In the meantime I am going stir crazy!

Tonight Hubby and I watched the movie, Turner and Hooch, which I hadn't seen in a long time. It had been filmed in our area and it was amusing pointing out all the things we recognized. It also made me cry because it made me miss my dog who had to be put down in February.

Mostly I have been trying to take small walks when the ankle allows it and making things to sell on Etsy.…

By the way, has anyone ever had an ex boyfriend or girlfriend send them a friend request on facebook? An ex-boyfriend of mine had the nerve to send me a friend request today. When we were together he just stopped answering my emails and phone calls and disappeared completely without providing any explanation or closure on the relationship. This is the first I have heard from him in 9 years and I have been happily married for 5 of them. He even sent my sister a friend request! Sometimes I really do not know what people are thinking.

Sorry for the just took me by surprise. =)

Hopefully everyone else is having better times than I am right now.

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Searching for a silver lining

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2011, 12:42 PM
Hey all,

I am finding it hard to keep up with my art and hobbies when I am so worried and stressed out!

This week, Hubby was laid off from his job because business was too slow. I am at wit's end trying to think of things we can do to survive financially until he can get another one!

I had a cortisone shot into my ankle earlier this week and will be going back to work part-time in the afternoons starting Monday. In the meantime, I have been cleaning and organizing the apartment just to feel like I have gotten something accomplished! We actually have a living room floor...who knew?

When not cleaning, I have been occupying my time with making things to sell on Etsy including magnets, bookmarks, jewelry and more. I am also trying to finish the illustrations for my children's book and researching self-publishing options. It is a difficult task and I find it hard to stay motivated!

I hope you all are well.


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News and other such nonsense

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 27, 2011, 11:51 PM
Hey all,

Here is my current life status in 10!

1. MRIs showed no surgery necessary for injury...will hopefully be able to go back to work in a week.
2. My blog raffle ends at midnight tomorrow, so you all have 1 day remaining to make a purchase from either of my etsy shops (see previous journal entry for details!) if you want a chance to win awesome prizes.
3. Listed a ton of new magnets, bottlecap earrings, vintage collectibles, etc. in the Etsy shop (including Rogue and Gambit earrings, Muppet earrings, Kermit magnet, Alice in wonderland magnets, Rainbow Brite magnet, Fraggle Rock Boober pinback button and much more!)…
4. Bought Muppets Monopoly for 50% off during a store's liquidation sale and kicked Hubby's butt! Animal triumphed over the Swedish Chef in the last few minutes!
5. Hoping everyone on the west coast is safe from tornadoes and hurricanes (including sister in Boston who is on a camping trip)
6. Currently getting through the cabin fever of staying at home with TV shows: Drop Dead Diva, Gilmore Girls, Ghosthunters and Thundercats.
7. Been experiencing major insomnia and doing a lot of reading as a result
8. Trying to stay above water financially and feeling like I am on the Titanic!
9. Hanging out with Hubby and friends at local free festivals.
10. Feeling thankful because you all continue to "watch" me and fav my art (26,366 pageviews! and my Jim Henson connection group has nearly 400 members!) Thank you all!


(ps- I hope to submit new art here when things settle down a little)

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Blog Raffle

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 18, 2011, 10:13 PM
Hey all,

I am still managing to stay afloat...barely! Bills are piling up because I am still off work due to my injured ankle and I am trying to stay positive despite the empty bank accounts!
So, in that spirit, and as a kickoff to my new blog, I am having a raffle.
If you have ever wanted to buy any of my character magnets, earrings, keychains, bookmarks, ACEO's, etc, make a purchase between now and August 28th to enjoy a 15% discount and an entry to win awesome prizes. I currently have items in my shop featuring Jem, The Goonies, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Elvis, Disney characters and much more! New items listed every day!
You can find the details here:
If you can't make a purchase, I understand, but I'd still love it if you could stop by...tell your friends...follow my blog...whatever support you can offer would be greatly appreciated during these tough times.

Stay tuned,


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I started a blog

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 12, 2011, 10:27 AM
Hey all,

I know I haven't been submitting much here lately. I have been making things and attempting to sell them through my Etsy shops. It takes a lot of time to network with people. ;)

Mostly though, I have been dealing with the complications from my injury in May. I am off work again due to the pain in my sprained ankle/foot and it not only is making me stir crazy, but it means I have to deal with barely scraping by financially again too.

Earlier this week, I started a blog to incorporate my thought and feelings about things that I experience, in addition to semi-regular updates on the activity of my Etsy shops.

You can view it here!…


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30 Years old today!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 19, 2011, 8:45 AM
Hey all,

It's been awhile since I have updated here. Life has been keeping me busy!

Today is my 30th birthday! Where has the time gone?!

I have a doctor's appointment for a specialist to look at my sprained ankle, which was injured in May, and is still causing problems!

Then Hubby and I will go out for breakfast to a favorite place and see the new Harry Potter movie. =)

I haven't found time yet to submit any new deviations here, but for my most recent arts and crafts, check out all the items in my etsy shop!…

I have a special deal just for today-20% off bottlecap earrings!


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Goings On

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 18, 2011, 7:42 AM
Hi all!

First of all, just wanted to say thanks for over 25,000 pageviews!!! I hope I can keep creating watch-worthy art. =)

Here are my top 10 current goings on:

1) Still taking physical Therapy for my ankle, but I have been back at work for a couple weeks now.
2) Not quite as broke now with a working phone again!
3) Worked a booth at the Carmel Valley Art & Wine Celebration. Sold 2 Bookmark theme kits and 6 individual bookmarks.
4) Working on illustrations and formatting for my children's book project
5) Listing bookmarks for sale on Etsy
6) Having fun creating radio stations on Songza. You can hear my music here:
7) Watching Haunted Collector, Pawn Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Glee, Ghosthunters, Cheers and Boy Meets World
8) Celebrated 5 year wedding anniversary last weekend!
9) Anxious about turning 30 next month
10) Preparing to launch children's book project on Kickstarter!

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